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Written by: Eldee Stephens
Page originally posted on IntuitionBase.

Although there are literally hundreds of games and applications designed for and running natively on AmigaOS 4.x available from such venues as OS4Depot -- and thousands of such software titles designed for AmigaOS 3.x but fully compatible with our next-generation Amigas -- commercial software designed for AmigaOS 4.x isn't always well known. Since there are tens of such titles from software houses like Alinea Computer, APC-TCP, Airsoft Softwair, Hyperion Entertainment, and A-EON Technology, as well as from independent developers, there's plenty of choice but no single list of them. Hopefully this page addresses that. Developers are the life-blood of any platform, all the moreso with the Amiga. Let's support them!

If I've missed any commercial titles in the list or a link needs correction, please contact me. The criteria for being listed here are:
  • The software must be AmigaOS 4.x-native
  • The software must be commercial in nature, i.e., it must have a purchase price
  • The software must be currently available
FYI -- games listed below with an asterisk (*) typically involve purchasing the game data intended for another platform, e.g., Windows, for use with an AmigaOS native port developed by a third-party. In these cases I've linked sites where you can purchase the game itself with the 'info' button and the download link goes to where the AmigaOS native version can be downloaded separately, usually somewhere on OS4depot.

Title Category Publisher Info Buy
Digital Universe 1.7 Astronomy Syzygy Research
DigiBooster Pro 3 Audio APC-TCP
Hollywood Development Airsoft Softwair
StormC5ED Development Alinea Computer
CygnusED 5 Development APC-TCP
AmiPhoto 1.6 Graphics Alinea Computer
Fractals for SketchBlock Graphics Andy Broad
Hollywood Designer Graphics Airsoft Softwair
Personal Paint 7.3c Graphics A-EON Technology
SketchBlock Pro 3.4 Graphics Andy Broad
IBrowse 2.5 Internet Oliver Roberts
ZitaFTP Server Internet Kea Sigma Delta
AOrganiser Productivity Andy Broad
PageStream 5 Productivity Grasshopper LLC
Enhancer Software 2.2 System Add-on A-EON Technology
RadeonHD Driver System Add-on A-EON Technology
Warp3D NovaBridge v54 System Add-on A-EON Technology
Warp3D RadeonHD SI System Add-on A-EON Technology
Warp Datatypes System Add-on Oliver Roberts
Workbench CANDI System Add-on A-EON Technology
AmiSafe Utilities Scott Cabit
AmiWebView 2 Utilities Alinea Computer
ANotice 2 Utilities Alinea Computer
ClipViewer 1.12 Utilities A-EON Technology
eGame Utilities Christopher Handley
Dir Me Up Utilities Boing Attitude
MkShare Utilities Andy Broad
MultiViewer Utilities A-EON Technology
NemoSound Utilities Lyle Hazelwood
PowerSelect 3 Utilities Janne Peraaho
Ranger Utilities Steven Solie
Remote Desktop Client Utilities HD-Zone
zTools Utilities Guillame Boesel
DVplayer Video A-EON Technology
Emotion 1.9 Video Entwickler-X
Slarti Subtitle Editor Video Symbiose Multimedia
Alinearis 2 Games Alinea Computer
WB Super Games Games Alinea Computer
Heart of Darkness* Games Amazing Studio
Simon the Sorcerer II Games AmigaKit
Aquaria* Games AmigaSoft / Bit Blot
Equilibrio Games AmigaSoft / DK Games
FreeSpace 2* Games AmigaSoft / Volition
CrossFire II Games APC-TCP
Exodus: The Last War Games APC-TCP
Payback* Games Apex Designs
Diablo (DevilutionX)* Games Blizzard North / Sinan Gurkan
Ask Me Up Games Boing Attitude
Word Me Up XXL Games Boing Attitude
Ace of Hearts Games Cherry Darling / Goldencode
Wings Battlefield Games Cherry Darling / Goldencode
Battle Squadron Games Comp-Com / Goldencode
A Frog Game Games Entwickler X
Balance Blox Games Entwickler X
Bubbelsche Deluxe Games Entwickler X
Bubble Shooter DX Games Entwickler X
M.A.C.E. Games Entwickler X
M.A.C.E. Tower Defense Games Entwickler X
Spencer Games Entwickler X
Swamp Defense Games Entwickler X
Swamp Defense 2 Games Entwickler X
Tap Jewels Games Entwickler X
Cybersphere Games GDG Entertainment
The Secret of Middle City Games GDG Entertainment
1941 Extreme DX* Games HunoPPC / BadBlocks
Dale Hardshovel* Games HunoPPC / phime
Freespace Games Hyperion Entertainment
Gorky 17 Games Hyperion Entertainment
Heretic II Games Hyperion Entertainment
Quake II Games Hyperion Entertainment
Shogo: Mobile Armor Division Games Hyperion Entertainment
AmiJeweled Games Insane Software
Heroes of Might and Magic II: Gold Edition* Games New World Computing / Sinan Gurkan
Tower 57 Games Pixwerk / Goldencode
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Academy* Games Raven Software
Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast* Games Raven Software
Blastaway Games Retream
BOH Games Retream
Huenison Games Retream
Caesar III (Augustus)* Games Sierra Online / Sinan Gurkan
Jagged Alliance 2* Games Sir-Tech

Last updated: 15.06.23