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What's here?

Contained here are previews of photos I've collected over the years, many of which are family photos recently unearthed during a pre-Pesach rummaging in the basement early in 2023. I'm not keen on having these hosted by firms like Google or FaceBook as only heaven knows what their AI models might do with them. I use a old bit of software -- AmiPhoto from Alinea Computing -- on my AmigaOne X5000 to organize my photos, and used it to generate these galleries for friends and family to peruse.

The original photos are fairly massive; there are gigabytes of photos stored on this server. Since I don't want to clog up the bandwidth of this system for no reason, the galleries are scaled-down versions of the original files. You'll see the filename in the galleries, so if you want to get the original, just copy it. So if you want to download the image 'DSC_0001.JPG' in the 'amiwest' album, then the full URL would be http://eliyahu.org/photos/amiwest/DSC_0001.JPG. Easy!

Album Name Years Covered Type
Random Amiga-related photos and screenshots 2012-2023 Public
Photos from AmiWest shows in Sacramento, CA 2012-2023 Public
Work photos
Initial power-on and bringup of IBM z13 2014 Public
Initial power-on and bringup of IBM z14 2016 Public
Initial power-on and bringup of IBM z15 2018 Public
Initial power-on and bringup of IBM z16 2021 Public
SHARE 2013 conference 2013 Public
Other random IBM-related photos 2011-2022 Public
Personal photos
Aharon's Bar Mitzvah 2020 Private
Aharon's Birth! 2007 Private
Home photos from Austin before the move 2006 Private
Trip to Disney World 2015 Private
Assorted family photos 2008-2023 Private
Even more assorted family photos 2008-2021 Private
Israel trip with Geoff Meyerson 2003 Private
Israel trip with family 2023 Private
Aharon's Pesach tiyul to Mystic, CT 2017 Private
Hiking and fishing outings 2020-2023 Private
Early photos of Simi 2005 Private
Simi's Bas Mitzvah 2017 Private
Simi's birth! 2004 Private
Simi's first birthday 2005 Private
Simi's first Purim celebrations 2006 Private
Scouting trip to Waterbury 2006 Private
Bubbe's photos after the move-in to new house 2008 Private
Trip back to Texas after move 2009 Private
Various trips to Houston 2016-2021 Private
Wedding photos 2004 Private

Last updated: 28.05.23