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What is this place?

Back in 1997 I secured this domain so that I would have a personal email account that matched my name. It seemed an obvious idea, especially as the great domain 'rush' was taking place with countless 'investors' seizing on any and all domain names they thought they could shift for a quick buck. eliyahu.org eventually became my personal network of various Power Macintosh and UNIX workstations. At its heights the machines included ezra, rambam, rashi, sforno, and ramban, all named for medieval meforshim. As a student at Duke these things were hauled from dorms to apartments, connected via Ethernet to Duke's academic backbone via an old SynOptics 2810 Concentrator. The 81.6GB of storage across machines was fairly impressive at the time.

Sadly the Power Macintosh machines of old now share pride of place on shelves in my basement, and the Sun SPARCstation is probably in a landfill in Tennessee somewhere; so today eliyahu.org simply serves as a small repository on a third-party hosted system with various things for which people have occasionally asked. Some things stored here are shared only on request, and some are listed below. The Duke days are long gone. Instead during the day I help to design IBM Z mainframe systems, while in the evening I tinker with so-called 'next generation' Amiga computers. I even get to spend time with my beautiful family now and then. It isn't a glamorous life, but it is a rewarding one.

Archived item Publication Date Access
Commercial Software for AmigaOS 4 eliyahu.org 05/2023 Public
QuickStart Guide for New A1222+ Users eliyahu.org 05/2023 Public
Review: AmigaWriter v2.2 intuitionbase.com 09/2012 Public
Review: Web Browsers for AmigaOS intuitionbase.com 07/2012 Public
Tutorial: Wireless Networking under AmigaOS intuitionbase.com 09/2012 Public
Photo Collection eliyahu.org 1999-2023 Public
"A new class of array codes for memory storage" IEEE Information Theory Workshop 02/2011 Public
"System z RAIM" IBM Competitive Project Office 04/2011 Public
"IBM zEnterprise RAIM subsystem" IBM Journal of Research and Development 01/2012 Public
"Better Memory RAS Through Novel Verification" IBM zTech Showcase (internal) 05/2013 Public
"IBM z13s and z13 Innovations" InterConnect 2016 02/2016 Public
"IBM z13s and z13 Innovations" InterConnect 2017 03/2017 Public
"IBM z13 Launch Teaser" ibm.com 2015 Public
"IBM z13 Systems Design Film" ibm.com 2015 Public
"IBM z13s: An affordable mainframe" ibm.com 2016 Public
IntuitionBase Archives (partial) intuitionbase.com 2012-2017 Private
Personal blog @ Duke eliyahu.org 1999-2002 Private
Halfstarved Archives halfstarved.com 2000-2001 Private
thessaSOURCE Archives thessasource.com 1996-1998 Private

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