A1222 Guide: Frequently Asked Questions

A 'quicker' version of the QuickStart Guide

Some people like long-form writing, some people don't. For those of you who need the TL;DR read version of the Guide -- maybe you're just setting up your A1222 for the first time -- here it is. Enjoy.
  • Q: Is the A1222 broken? It doesn't have a FPU?!
  • A: No, instead it has a SPE. There are multiple methods of emulation, though, so existing software should work.
  • Q: So all software works, then?
  • A: Most does, but some doesn't or doesn't run well yet. Check out the Guide's compatibility lists to check if the software you want to run has issues (tools, games).
  • Q: What graphics card should I use?
  • A: Assuming you didn't buy a fully-configured system, don't bother with anything other than a supported RadeonRX card. A list is available in the earlier setup section of the Guide.
  • Q: Is audio supported? How about on-board networking?
  • A: Yes. Drivers should be included in the default OS install.
  • Q: What disk drive should I use?
  • A: Use a SSD device.
  • Q: What filesystem should I use?
  • A: NGFS. You can use SFS, but you must make certain to remove the inclusion of diskcache.library.kmod from your kicklayout file unless you enjoy random crashes.
  • Q: I'm new to AmigaOS 4. What software should I start with?
  • A: Check out the recommended software section. It has suggestions in multiple categories and handy links.
  • Q: Are there any common software issues I should avoid?
  • A: Yes. Make sure to learn how to use the LTE blacklist. You'll need to add some software to it, like the IEEE 68K math libraries, AREXX libraries, etc. Also stay away from AmiCygnix for now. It's a bit slow.
  • Q: Why is my video stuttering?! I thought this thing handled 1080p video!!
  • A: It does, but only if the codecs used for your file are supported by the video acceleration library. Also if you're using mplayer or ffmpeg, don't. Use Emotion or DVplayer instead.
  • Q: Why is the mouse movement jerky? Why are things slowing to crawl?
  • A: Chances are you're hitting LTE-generated code a bunch. This can be especially noticeable with certain audio-playing software or games with formats where audio is stored as floats, like Ogg Vorbis.
  • Q: What can I do to improve game performance?
  • A: Some games just won't work especially well unless there are A1222-native versions, but most should be fine. You can find some useful suggestions on improving performance in the tips and tricks section.
  • Q: So the A1222 is slow?
  • A: Not at all. It's faster than the SAM460 is most respects, and way faster than a Vampire or classic Amiga. You can find detailed numbers in the benchmarks section.
  • Q: How much will the A1222 cost?
  • A: Originally the A1222 was going to sell as a complete system for around $600 before taxes. Since that announcement several components on the motherboard become EOL or impossible to find due to supply chain issues, and overall manufacturing costs trebled since COVID. So it's much more than originally intended. If you live in the USA you can get the motherboard for around $1100 and a fully-configured system for around $1500 directly from AAA Technology.
  • Q: I still have more questions. Where can I go for help?
  • A: For starters read the entire Guide. Then read it again. If you still have specific questions that are not addressed, there are plenty of online forums and IRC channels. You can find some of them listed in the links section.
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